Novi Sad Marathon

The 31st running of the Novi Sad Marathon
October 8th, 2023

Race Proposition

Results 31. Novi Sad Marathon 2023.

Date of event 
31st Novi Sad Marathon on 08.October 2023,
Start and Finish at Trg slobode (center of Novi Sad)
Limit for 42 km is 6 hurs.
Participants package includes:
– T-Shirt
– Medal at the finish line
– Refreshments (course and finish)
– Start number with chip

The Race starts from Freedom Square (Trg slobode):


Picking up starting numbers – packages
Hotel Vojvodina (“Lovačka sala”), Trg slobode, Novi Sad (center of Novi Sad)
– Saturday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. – October 7, 2023.
– Sunday from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. – October 8, 2023.

Time of start 10:00
– 31th Novi Sad Marathon (42,195 km)
– Relay Marathon 42 km (from 3 to 10 alterations)
– 25 km Race

Time of start 10:45 
– 10,5 km Race
– Nordic Walking- with walking poles (10,548 km)
– Race (5 km)
– Nordic Walking- with walking poles (5 km)

Pleasure Run for Children
10:05 Elementary school run from the 5th to the 8th grade (600 m)
10:15 High school run 800
10:20 Elementary school run from the 1st to the 4th grade (400 m)
10:25 Junior- kids run (preschoolers)
10:30 Crawling BABIES race of 4,195 m
10:35 The Turtle Race -live
16:00 Race closing ceremony

Price of the participant package for foreign nationals ( 42km, 25km, 10.5km and 5km )
01.05.2023. – 30.06.2023: 30 Eura
01.07.2023. – 31.07.2023: 35 Eura
01.08.2023. – 26.09.2023: 40 Eura



Bank account


IBAN RS35340000000000373962

30th Novi Sad Marathon race on 42km
30th Novi Sad Marathon the relay race on 42 km
30th Novi Sad Marathon race on 25km
30th Novi Sad Marathon race on 10,5 km
30th Novi Sad Marathon 2023, Track on 5km

Entry fee and pick up of the participant package
The deadline for applications is 23th September 2023.
It is also the deadline for payment of the entry fee.

Note: The deadline for payment of the entry fee expires on 26th September 2023.

Picking up the race packages is at 7th October 2023 from 17:00 until 19:00 (from 5pm until 7 pm), and on 8th October 2023 from 7:30 until to 09:00
(from 7:30 am until 09:00), near Freedom Square in city center of Novi Sad (Trg slobode).

Right to participate
-The race is open for participation of everyone from 18th year or older, on his own responsibility.
-Person under 18 year, can not participate in the half marathon race, and to participate in the 10km or 5km races MUST have the written approval of parents and doctors confirm.

NOTE:Adults (older than 18) who are not mentally and/or physically ready and able to withstand the efforts of participating in one of the Race may not participate It is also not allowed to participate in any of the race of the persons to whom the physician or doctor has not recommended or is prohibited physical activity or stress.

The price of the application/registration depends on the payment date (and not from the date of application/registration)
Registration becomes valid only after confirmed payment for the the participant package.
Change of the race (track, distanace) will not be possible after the closing of the application on 26st September 2023.
We appeal on the runners to use valid e-mail address when registering.
We appeal on the runners to apply as soon as possible.
The organizer reserves all the rights to limit the number of participants.
Winners of the Race 42km, 25km , 10.5km and 5km win cups in both the men, and the women’s competition
The organizer reserves the right to alter details notice. Any changes will be highlighted and duly published on the site

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